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6/20/21  A Path Through the Tall Grass
6/8/21  School As Leisure? Yep!
3/31/21  Time to Blossom!
2/13/21  Climbing Your Insurmountable Mountain
12/20/20  A Christmas Reminder
12/1/20  Reflections on 45 Years of Teaching
10/25/20  A New Day in Missions
9/18/20  Should I Study Greek?
9/4/20  Mumpsimus
9/3/20  I Never Dreamed
5/30/20  Dealing with Loneliness during COVID-19
5/13/20  The Gifts and Eph. 4:11-12
5/10/20  God's Message For Us In Covid-19
5/4/20  Pastor, Are You Teachable?
4/17/20  The Church As Family
4/15/20  The Christian and Generosity
2/15/20  Toward a Definition of Church
2/8/20  Greek for Everyone
2/7/20  Dr. Abidan Shah on NT Textual Criticism
1/31/20  1917 and the Bible
1/18/20  Don't Bury Your Gifts!
1/3/20  Bruce Metzger and Me
12/31/19  How I Fell in Love with Greek
12/16/19  Verbal Aspect in Greek
12/8/19  Writing Goals for 2020
6/4/17  The Joy of Running
8/8/16  What's the Favorite Book You've Written?
7/30/16  Testing Your Limits
7/23/16  Mountain Climbing in 3G (Alps Report #3)
7/22/16  Becky's Banner Atop the Breithorn (Alps Report #2)
7/21/16  Alps Report #1
6/26/16  Finding True Rest
9/15/15  Taking Care of Your Temple
8/17/15  The Last Twelve Verses of Mark: A Bibliography
8/6/15  Jon Stewart Fails to Save the World
8/5/15  Greek Exegesis of Mark: More Than Mere Theory
8/3/15  Mark's Theology of the Cross
7/20/15  The Downward Path of Jesus
7/24/14  Top 20 Books on the New Testament
2/7/14  A Fowl Lesson
1/16/14  Enjoying Nature Without Worshipping It
1/7/14  Oh, the Beauty of Scripture!
12/10/13  Graduate, Be Like Jesus!
9/30/13  What the Last Fight Is Like
8/26/13  Letter to My Ethiopian Family
8/6/13  Introducing Bradford Hall and Maple Ridge
7/4/13  Running to Home Base
6/20/13  Challenge for India School
5/18/13  Living with Resilience
4/30/13  A Child Is Saved
3/14/13  Building for the Future in India
2/28/13  Defining Our Partnership in India
2/15/13  Introducing the Peniel Gospel Team
2/10/13  Looking at Hinduism
2/4/13  Introducing India
1/19/13  Me, Nigusse, and a New Work
12/16/12  Moving from Orthodox Medical Treatment to "Alternative" Treatment
12/5/12  His Love, My Joy
12/3/12  Why I Blog
11/30/12  Interview with Thomas Hudgins about Our New Greek Portal
9/23/12  Needed: A New Haystack Generation
9/12/12  Shoes, Oxen, and Birds
8/28/12  Philippians, Missions, and You
7/10/12  Why I Go
6/26/12  One Person at a Time
4/19/12  Ethiopia Vignette 5: Victory and Defeat
4/8/12  An Easter Meditation on Freedom
3/29/12  Olka, Ode to Faithfulness
3/22/12  At a Fork in the Road
3/15/12  On Dealing with Reality
3/15/12  The Permutations of "Jesus loves John" in Greek
3/7/12  The Evangelists of Gondar
3/6/12  Life + Christ = Fine (Mandarin version)
3/5/12  Financial Support for Evangelists
3/2/12  Adopting an Ethiopia Evangelist and His Family
2/24/12  Life + Christ = Fine
2/20/12  Can We Please Do Church Planting Cooperatively?
2/18/12  Ethiopia Vignette 1: Desta and Beki
2/14/12  Going for the Deeper Joy
2/10/12  Open Letter to My Ethiopian Family
2/9/12  What to Do When You Hear the "C" Word
1/27/12  It's No Time to Abandon Ship
1/21/12  The Church Is a Granary
12/20/11  Creditor or Debtor?
12/2/11  Suffering in 1 Peter 3:13-4:19
11/19/11  Paul's "Thankless Thanks" in Phil. 4:10-20
11/17/11  Top Ten Misconceptions about Missions
11/15/11  It's That Time Again!
10/31/11  Reflections on Reformation Day
10/14/11  Thoughts on Election 2012
10/10/11  Current Needs in the Ethiopian Church
10/8/11  I Believe in the Indigenous Church
9/15/11  Missions As a Lifestyle of Worship
9/9/11  Will You Join the Cause of Global Missions?
9/2/11  Lasting Lessons from Philippians 4
8/26/11  Lasting Lessons from Philippians 3
8/18/11  Lasting Lessons from Philippians 2
8/12/11  Lasting Lessons from Philippians 1
8/10/11  The Real Message of Philippians
6/30/11  Living in the Wilderness
6/10/11  "We Are Not Lords of Our Possessions"
6/6/11  Reflections on "The Greatest Generation"
6/3/11  Is It Wrong for Christians to Curse?
6/1/11  What Does a New Testament Church Look Like?
5/23/11  Ordinary Missionaries
5/19/11  The Rule of Paul
5/15/11  Nigusse
5/12/11  Paul on Justification
4/14/11  Greek, Discipleship, and Making Injera
3/12/11  Why We Should Study the Gospels
2/25/11  Urgent Need for the Lord's Church in Zobechame, Ethiopia
2/19/11  So We've Studied Acts. What Now?
2/14/11  Ethiopia Update: Sabers and Wordaya Village
2/12/11  On Being a Missionary
2/9/11  The Lord's Supper, Then and Now
2/4/11  Principles of Relationships
1/24/11  2011 Ethiopia Focus Points
1/22/11  Felix Mantz: Man of Conscience
12/30/10  Miracles
12/7/10  Down to Earth Theology
12/4/10  Review of The Meaning of the Pentateuch
11/29/10  Advice to Prospective Doctoral Students
11/24/10  Los Diez Mejores Libros para el Estudio del Griego Nuevo Testamento 
11/24/10  Ten Best Books for Studying New Testament Greek  
11/20/10  Harry Sturz: New Testament Textual Critic 
11/10/10  The Persecuted Church: An Obstreperous Flower 
10/30/10  Interview with Heath Thomas 
10/28/10  I'm Healed!  
10/21/10  Why Persecution Is a Blessing 
10/20/10  Five Things to Do Until You Master Greek 
10/11/10  Grades and the Gospel 
10/2/10  The Road Less Traveled 
9/27/10  Coloring Outside the Lines 
9/10/10  The Future of Southern Baptist Missions 
9/2/10  How to Pray for Us 
8/29/10  Seven Who Changed the World 
8/26/10  Dealing with Disappointment 
8/22/10  What Now? 
8/18/10  The Gospel Is Not a Sales Pitch 
8/3/10  Turning a Deaf Ear to the "American Way" 
6/28/10  July 2010 Prayer Itinerary 
6/23/10  Rhino Evangelism? 
6/7/10  El Camino para Auto-Apoyo según Tesalonicenses 
5/22/10  Life Is a Mission Trip. Take It!
5/18/10  Which Part of the Ethiopia Team Are You?
5/9/10  "Dios No Me Hizo Para Sufrir" (Part III)
4/29/10  Roots: Ethiopia Church Version
4/17/10  A Home for Melesse
4/15/10  Show-Casing the Sovereingty of Our God
4/8/10  Medical Intervention for the Gospel's Sake
4/8/10  The Thessalonian Road to Self-Support
4/6/10  Are You a Kingdom Christian?
3/17/10  Prayer Itinerary
3/15/10  Back to Ethiopia
3/12/10  "Dios No Me Hizo Para Sufrir" (Part II)
3/11/10  Rabies
3/6/10  The Supreme Importance of the Great Commission
3/4/10  Pray for the Work in Ethiopia
2/27/10  Who Does God Use?
2/25/10  Missions As Partnership
2/13/10  "Dios No Me Hizo Para Sufrir"
1/31/10  La Gran Comisión del Matrimonio
1/31/10  Sacerdotalism Or Every-Member Ministry?
1/22/10  Cristianos sin Fronteras
1/15/10  Spiritual Fatigue
1/8/10  Fatigue and Me
12/21/09  Peace and Priorities
12/12/09  You Make Me Feel Brand New
12/9/09  Sister Wife
11/13/09  Assisting the Work in Ethiopia
11/6/09  Making a Mockery of the Great Commission
10/25/09  What the Jesus Freaks Got Right
10/23/09  Living in Denial: Cancer and Romans
10/18/09  Freely Give
9/26/09  A First Small Step
9/24/09  Pain
9/16/09  In Pursuit of Health
8/29/09  Coping with Trauma
8/24/09  Update from Becky
8/20/09  The God of What-Ifs
8/18/09  God Didn't Make Me to Suffer! (Part 3)
8/15/09  God Didn't Make Me to Suffer! (Part 2)
8/13/09  God Didn't Make Me to Suffer!
8/10/09  Where Can I Go to Get Away from You?
8/9/09  To Go On Living Is Christ
7/27/09  Shopping List for the Galana Clinic in Burji, Ethiopia
7/14/09  Team Work at the Burji Clinic
7/13/09  Would Jesus Have Written a Book?
7/3/09  Clinic Work in Burji
6/19/09  Why Church?
6/15/09  A Lesson from Ethiopia
5/20/09  Down to Earth Disciples
4/20/09  Our Family on the Hill
3/22/09  Bi-Polar Christians
3/5/09  Beyond Religious Infighting (Phil. 2:12-18)
3/2/09  God's Better Way (Phil. 2:1-11)
2/20/09  Why Pedagogy Matters
2/19/09  Howard Marshall on Christian Harmony
2/16/09  Report on the Galana Clinic: Part 2
2/12/09  Harold Hoehner: Co-Yoked with Christ
2/10/09  Stereotypes!
2/9/09  Philippians 1:1-2: Saints Who Serve
2/6/09  Report on the Galana Clinic: Part 1
1/31/09  Introducing Philippians
1/29/09  Servants-in-Training
1/23/09  Returning Evangelism to the Local Church
1/22/09  Obama's Sermon on the Steps
1/19/09  Teach, Then Baptize?
1/15/09  Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology
1/10/09  Christians without Borders
1/8/09  Returning Biblical Education to the Local Church
1/2/09  How Are Your Verbs?
11/20/08  Ethiopia Prayer Itinerary, Nov-Dec, 2008
11/20/08  Are You Going to Ethiopia Again?
11/10/08  What Government Cannot Do
11/7/08  Be a Peter!
11/5/08  Are You a Teacher?
10/28/08  Christianity's Prescription for Sick Churches
10/27/08  Will I Vote for McCain?
10/13/08  What's Happening in Ethiopia?
9/19/08  Needs for the Galana Clinic
8/29/08  My Life's Goal
8/27/08  My Fight
8/24/08  Jesus Or Julius?
8/20/08  On the Writing (and Reading) of Books
8/19/08  Current Needs for the Burji Ministry
8/18/08  About Those Sunday School Quarterlies
8/15/08  Is America Sounding Jeffersonian Again?
8/5/08  Ten Timely Tips for Teachable Teachers
7/22/08  Thinking of Christmas?
7/19/08  Erasmus and You
7/14/08  Weeds
7/12/08  Why I Love the Anabaptists
7/9/08  Rite of Passage: A Return to Scriptural Adulthood
6/26/08  As Long As
5/24/08  Dave's Prayer Itinerary
5/11/08  Putting Sacrifice in Perspective
5/8/08  Redestined to Be a 4-Point Missionist
5/1/08  A Message from Aberash and Tilahun
4/29/08  Dissent
4/25/08  Ethiopia Wish List
4/20/08  Just a Servant
4/17/08  Sleepless in Addis Ababa
4/9/08  I Have to Walk
4/1/08  Confessions of a Missional Greek Prof
3/31/08  Where Are the Peace-Makers?
3/21/08  Beyond Lone Ranger Christianity
3/19/08  Contemptus Mundi
3/5/08  An American Theocracy?
2/9/08  Aphorisms on Education
2/2/08  The Power of Personal Observation
1/18/08  Riding a Blue Donkey
1/7/08  Aberesh of Alaba, My Sister
1/5/08  Understanding the Great Commission
1/2/08  The Role of Humanitarian Aid in Building the Kingdom
12/10/07  Are We Still a Nation of Liberty-Lovers?
12/8/07  Christmas and Prisoners
12/3/07  Regrets
12/1/07  2008 Projects to Help the Church in Ethiopia
11/29/07  Blessed Is the Internet (Sort Of)
11/15/07  Dedicated Servants of Yesteryear
11/13/07  What Christianity Offers Us
11/8/07  You Can't Lock Up Lady Liberty
11/6/07  Admitting Our Mistakes
10/25/07  The Astounding Power of Poverty
10/7/07  Blogging, Politics, and Servitude
10/4/07  Drawing on the Bank of Heaven
10/2/07  My Horses, My Teachers
9/25/07  Are You Intentional About Witnessing?
9/20/07  Me and My Ducks
9/18/07  Is Yet Another War Justified?
9/13/07  Who Is Head of Your Church?
9/11/07  The Suffering Church
9/8/07  A Word to My Ph.D. Students
9/7/07  The Synoptic Problem: Why Are the Fathers Ignored?
9/1/07  A Twenty-First Century Church
8/28/07  The Post-Political Church
8/23/07  The Purpose of a Seminary
8/9/07  A Great Commission Marriage
7/28/07  Shewalem
7/14/07  Is Your Knee Bent?
7/11/07  Handicapped? Serve the Lord Anyway!
7/9/07  The Constitution or Caesar?
7/7/07  Kura
7/5/07  How We Do Missions
7/4/07  Cessasionist or Continualist?
6/30/07  Recovering Paul's Perspective on Pastoral Leadership
6/30/07  We're Back!
5/27/07  John 3:16 and Me
5/24/07  Thoughts of a Roving Missionary
5/21/07  Creedal Or Deedal Orthodoxy?
5/14/07  Greek Student: Quo Vadis?
5/10/07  The Buck Starts Here
5/3/07  Loafs and Fishes
4/30/07  Living Church
4/26/07  Ride That Horse!
4/4/07  A Lesson in Teamwork
3/26/07  Doctrinal Blobdom
3/22/07  Interview with Alan Knox
3/16/07  Praying for the Lost
3/5/07  Smelling Ethiopia
2/22/07  Are You a Missionary?
2/19/07  Our Goals for 2007
2/15/07  Codependent No More!
2/13/07  Taking Care of Each Other (Part 2)
2/6/07  Taking Care of Each Other
2/5/07  Why I Love WMU Sunday
2/2/07  The Importance of Mentoring
1/29/07  Erecting Buildings (Part 2)
1/24/07  Emails from Alaba
1/20/07  Commemorating the Anabaptists
1/18/07  Erecting Buildings
1/13/07  A Definition of "Ministry"
1/11/07  Surprises from Heaven
1/8/07  Miracle in Alaba
12/14/06  Back to Africa
12/8/06  Aflame for the Gospel
12/3/06  Building in Bedene
12/3/06  A Gift at Christmas
11/26/06  Ethiopia Update (Nov. 26, 2006)
11/22/06  Evangelism: Show and Tell!
11/16/06  A Heart of Obedience
11/9/06  Sidetracked by "Issues"?
11/3/06  Scot McKnight on the Emerging Church
10/31/06  The Gift of Fixing Towel Racks
10/30/06  Why Not Open Sharing?
10/27/06  A Time to Rest
10/23/06  Silent Sufferers
10/19/06  The Seduction of Politics
10/14/06  Servers Win!
9/23/06  Partners in the Gospel
9/21/06  Gamblers for Christ
9/12/06  Truth and Love: Finding Our Balance
9/8/06  The Problem of Wineskins
9/4/06  The Joy of Volunteering
9/1/06  On the Road Again -- and Needing Your Prayers
8/31/06  Carpenters for Jesus
8/28/06  What I Learned During My First Semester in Seminary
8/25/06  Ethiopian Spring (May 2006): Part 5
8/18/06  Hurry Up and Relax!
8/17/06  Ethiopian Spring (May 2006): Part 4
8/14/06  How to Master a Foreign Language
8/8/06  Why God Loves the Cities
7/26/06  A Lesson from the Garden
7/25/06  Developing Biblical Convictions
7/14/06  Men From Among You
7/11/06  Letter to My Greek Students
6/30/06  Ethiopian Spring (May 2006): Part 3
6/27/06  Companionate Leadership
6/22/06  Ethiopian Spring (May 2006): Part 2
6/19/06  Ethiopian Spring (May 2006): Part 1
6/16/06  Our Supreme Business
6/10/06  Teaching Our Children Practical Skills
6/7/06  The Church No One Wanted To Join
5/25/06  Got Any Splanchna?
5/23/06  Honoring Our Wives
5/19/06  Return to Ethiopia
5/12/06  Watch That "I"!
5/10/06  Every Member an Evangelist
5/4/06  Why Not Ecclesiology?
4/29/06  Every Member a Bible Scholar
4/20/06  The God of Ethiopia
4/18/06  Dressing Up the Truth
4/15/06  On and Off Christians
4/11/06  Every Lord's Day Is Resurrection Sunday
4/7/06  Yielding Our Unsurrendered Selves
4/4/06  Raising the Bar
3/21/06  The One Table of the Lord
3/2/06  Swimming on Dry Ground
2/25/06  Church as Meetinghouse
2/17/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 6): Going on from Here
2/14/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 5b): Visiting Deda
2/10/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 5a): Walking on Holy Ground
2/5/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 4): On to "Dusty" Alaba
2/1/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 3): Bible Conference in Soyama
1/26/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 2): Rural Ministry in the Burji District
1/23/06  Ethiopia Report (Part 1): Addis
1/20/06  The Great Need
12/11/05  Itinerary and Prayer Guide for the Blacks' Trip to Ethiopia
12/8/05  Christmas: Going On From Here
12/1/05  Why We No Longer Celebrate Christmas
11/29/05  No Place for Idleness
11/10/05  The Anabaptists and State Religion
11/3/05  Extending the Reformation
10/25/05  Greener-Pasture Pastors
10/13/05  Back to the Bible!
10/2/05  Female Bloggers
9/29/05  A Clock from Switzerland
9/7/05  What Time Is It?
9/5/05  Projects to Help the Lord's Church in Southern Ethiopia
9/1/05  Shining in the Darkness
8/30/05  To Blog Or Not To Blog?
8/28/05  Take the Gospels Quiz!
8/24/05  Followers of Jesus
8/23/05  Why Evangelize?
8/20/05  American "Values"
8/16/05  The Love of Teaching
8/15/05  Moody's Thirst for God
8/12/05  Whose Church?
8/11/05  How's Your Garden?
8/9/05  Why We Must Insist On Every-Member Ministry
8/7/05  The Value of Short Term Missions
8/5/05  Church Business Or Kingdom Business?
8/4/05  Why We Must Preach Jesus As Lord
8/2/05  Controversy for the Truth
7/31/05  Saying Goodbye to the Needs-Based Church
7/30/05  O, Ethiopia!
5/26/05  A Boy and a Basket
5/25/05  Trails and Temptations
5/22/05  Call Me a Biblicist If You Like
5/20/05  The Fashion of the Christ
5/17/05  Will You Pray for Ethiopia?
5/15/05  Hidden in Christ
5/12/05  Take the Bible Test!
5/11/05  Our Delinquent Generation
5/6/05  With a Mother's Love
5/4/05  Club Med Christianity
5/4/05  Let Pastors Teach
5/2/05  Every Member a Missionary
4/29/05  Every Member a Minister
4/28/05  Paper Perfect Churches
4/27/05  America's Harsh Winter
4/26/05  Bound by Conscience
4/23/05  What's In A Name?
4/21/05  Graders Who Don't Grade
4/16/05  The Bible Plus Nothing
4/12/05  Men Who Risk It All
4/5/05  Of Sheepdogs and Christians
3/28/05  Lee's Traveler - and Mine
3/27/05  How to Abandon New Testament Christianity in Ten Easy Steps
3/22/05  A Horse Named Cody
3/15/05  Profs Without Borders
3/13/05  Building Christ's Church: His Way or Mine?
3/10/05  Borderline Christianity
3/8/05  "Azanaw" Becomes "Bereket"
3/6/05  Rejoice!
3/3/05  Ten Rules for Christian Bloggers
2/19/05  The Heart of a Secretariat
2/18/05  The Narrow Way
2/17/05  Eating Together
2/15/05  Restful Rushing
2/14/05  Living in Community
2/10/05  Non Scholae Sed Vitae
2/8/05  The Lord's Day Still Belongs to the Lord
2/7/05  The Scripture-Driven Church
1/31/05  That Powerful, Prophetic Pen
1/27/05  Is the Cost of Empire Worth It?
1/25/05  The Final Note
1/23/05  Our Readers Respond
1/18/05  Muggeridge and Me
1/16/05  Growing the Body of Christ through Evangelism and Edification
1/11/05  The Gospel of Hospitality
1/7/05  Romans 13 in Context
1/1/05  Beginning at the Beginning
12/24/04  A Christmas Story
12/24/04  Enter to Serve, Depart to Worship
12/21/04  Remembering the Pilgrims
12/15/04  A Balm in Gilead
12/13/04  Reaching for the Moon
12/12/04  Should Christians Tithe?
12/11/04  Loving God - and Our Neighbors
12/9/04  Whose Traditions?
12/6/04  TV Or Not TV?
10/11/04  Adventures in Abyssinia
10/6/04  Confessions of a Limping Theologian
10/4/04  Seizing the Root
10/1/04  How Much Lettuce in Hebrews 12:1-2?
9/27/04  The Disciple Whom Jesus Kept On Loving
9/23/04  The God of Hope
9/21/04  To Whom Shall We Sacrifice?
9/18/04  A Place at the Table
9/17/04  Outside the Camp
9/10/04  My Horse, My Friend
9/7/04  Whose World Is It?
9/5/04  Schism
9/3/04  Our Jealous God
8/28/04  Christ or Caesar?
8/27/04  Merely Inconsistent Or Spiritually Dead?
8/25/04  Incurable Infracaninophiles
8/24/04  The Biggest Busybody
7/26/04  Pessimist or Optimist?
7/23/04  Home Grown Pastors
7/22/04  Preaching With the Eleven
7/21/04  Equestrian Servants and Pedestrian Princes
7/15/04  Out of Africa
7/14/04  Will You Pray?
6/17/04  Diagnosis of a Kulturkampf
6/14/04  The Screen of the Scriptures
6/11/04  No Mistakes?
6/7/04  The Great Omission in the Great Commission
5/27/04  Chicken Love
5/20/04  "Our Doctrine Is Not Right"
5/12/04  Who Is To Blame?
4/26/04  Suffer the Little Children
3/15/04  Packaged or Planted?
3/9/04  The Real Lesson of Christ's Passion
3/5/04  Solus Christus, Sola Scriptura!
2/5/04  Origen on the Authorship of Hebrews
1/9/04  Brethren, Let Us Return to New Testament Practices
1/2/04  Anabaptists and the First Amendment
12/26/03  Cleanliness Is Next to Impossible
12/15/03  Temples of Ceramic Deities
11/24/03  The Theory That Backfired
11/13/03  Prophetic Resistance as the Calling of the Church
11/5/03  The Man Who Stood Alone
11/4/03  Christianity on Trial
8/21/03  Eat Or Be Eaten
8/19/03  In Praise of "Seabiscuit"
8/11/03  The Death of English
8/5/03  The Crisis Is Wider Than the Episcopal Church
7/27/03  The Only Hope for the World
7/25/03  A Sincere and Heartfelt "Thank You"
7/23/03  Marching with the Wrong Crowd
7/22/03  The Core Problem Is Not Political But Theological!
7/14/03  Can You Name the Face?
7/10/03  Life on the Farm
7/10/03  Launching Your Own Website
7/7/03  The Dark Continent
7/6/03  The Disciple Whom Jesus Kept On Loving
7/5/03  Our Magnificent Constitution
7/4/03  Cracked Pots
7/1/03  Cleaning Up the Backyard
6/19/03  The Me Generation
6/18/03  Resurrecting Dry-Bone Saints
5/29/03  Life in the World
5/28/03  Rules for English Composition
5/27/03  Europe Is Still a Mission Field
5/8/03  Brokenhearted Joy
4/13/03  The Genesis of the Gospels
4/8/03  The Blessing of Wiping Out
4/7/03  The Deity of Christ Under Attack
4/3/03  Doing One's Duty
3/10/03  Joie de Vivre
3/5/03  Remembering the People of the Towel
Adult-Centered Youth Ministry
The Literary Structure of 1 and 2 Thessalonians