Thursday, April 27, 2023

Don't Leave Greek on the Chalkboard

In a recent video that has gone viral on YouTube, Calvin Robinson said, "Either all of Scripture is God-breathed, or it is not. Either we believe Christ, or we don't." 

More than ever, you and I, as educated lay people, need to take responsibility for knowing what the faith is. I think the number 1 priority for Christian people today is recovering our confidence in the inspiration and inerrancy of sacred Scripture, because everything comes from that. I think the reason many church leaders today are unable to give a clear trumpet sound is because they've lost their confidence in Scripture. Everything asserted by the sacred writers should be considered to be asserted by the Holy Spirit. Honestly, people need to know that. We need to read the word of God and ask God to let it speak to us. We need to meditate on it, spend time in it. 

In a time of unfaithful leadership, take responsibility for knowing the faith yourself. The Lord has given us the tools, including the Internet (that double-edge sword), to find the answers that teachers of former generations taught with dogmatic clarity. We have to be like a small dog that lies down at the feet of his master or better still a guard on sentry duty. 

Once inerrancy is abandoned, however good the intentions of those who do it, the door opens to further departures from the truth. This is what inevitably happens when Christians stop believing in an infallible Bible.