Saturday, April 22, 2023

A Trip to DC

Howdy folks. Just back from my jaunt through the backroads of Virginia. 

Thursday started out in the best way possible -- at a national park. Here's the famous stone bridge over Bull Run. 

And the stone house. 

It was here, after 8 hours of the bloodiest fighting this country had ever experienced, that the grand illusions of both armies were shattered, consumed in the devastation of battle. Sobering.

On a lighter note, seems you'll find Ethiopians everywhere in Northern Virginia. I enjoyed a wonderful authentic Habesha meal at Vera's Kitchen in Manassas. Betam konjono!!!!!!!!!!

The next morning I drove to the conference in DC at the Museum of the Bible. Here is the keynote speaker -- a renowned archeologist whose most recent findings at Mount Ebal in Israel are about to shock the world. 

I can't tell you what he said (we were sworn to secrecy), but if you should see Scott Stripling on Fox News or CNN in the coming days, you'll know why. Outstanding lecture. 

My paper went well. At least it seemed to provoke some excellent questions about the Byzantine Text. 

I love conferences like this one for that very reason. They are a PRIME example of why people like me get together and talk about the Bible. We all need to have our views challenged. 

This is my life. It isn't perfect. But I love it.