Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Our One True Hope

This blog is all about hope. While we address theological, social, and ethical issues, our main concern is about individual choices and values. In the midst of social turmoil and ecclesiastical apostasy, from my perspective the potential for positive renewal has never been greater as long as we recognize that Jesus Christ is the only true source of America's hope. We need to recover the biblical emphasis upon sin. Everything else -- be it societal disintegration or theological compromise -- grows out of that one problem. We will never resolve the other issues until we recognize that the problem is a problem of the heart. Eventually our future as a nation will depend on how we respond to God's call to repentance. What is happening in America, like the rest of the world, is a desperate search for a transcendent solution to our problems. Until this is realized, very little in our society will be worth saving.