Sunday, April 23, 2023

Happy Lifting!

It was so good to be able to get back to the gym today after a hiatus. As a beginner I don't even truly know what my weak points are yet. 

I also don't have enough training under my belt to know how well or how poorly each muscle is going to respond to my workouts over time, since everyone has different genetics and therefore each person's muscles grow faster or slower depending on that factor. 

So bottom line here, as a beginner my focus is on those initial muscle building stages and developing my overall physique evenly as a whole and getting the fundamentals down. 

Thankfully, every "fit" person was a beginner at some time. Anyone can do it. It's just a matter of proper execution -- and tons of patience. Like most things in life! 

Most people I know are not lazy. They just need that strong incentive to justify putting forth the effort. That might appear unattainable or out of reach now for you, but take it from me -- even the klutziest people can have a goal and get results.

Happy lifting!