Monday, April 3, 2023

Life Is Never Boring

Isn't it odd how you can do the same things day in and day out and they NEVER get boring? Take cooking. I still enjoy it. Tonight I tried my hand at Tikka Masala. I am not a recipe inventor, but I did create this today. 

Then it was time for my evening walk. Checked the mail. Checked on the sheep. 

Checked on the goats. 

Who loved to be scratched. 

I think they're being spoiled. By whom? I wonder. 

Then Ishi got his dessert. I know you must get tired of watching me feed a donkey, but he's got such a photogenic mug, don't he? 

Right now I'm watching Youtubes of John Williams movie scores. This has got to be my favorite. 

Does anyone else get chills when hearing this theme? Kudos to the greatest composer of the modern era. 

In the meantime, I'm getting behind on other chores like cleaning the kitchen. I'm starting to panic. Maybe I need to hire a house cleaner. I pleaded with Siri to give me some tips on performing household duties, which she kindly did, but I'm still behind. I guess I am a true language/art/music buff who is not STEM-like in any way. Not like the world is going to end because it takes me a couple of days a week to do the dishes. 

All in all, a very nice day. No, an amazing day. Despite my definite weaknesses and lack of aptitude in all things household, I absolutely love my "boring" life.