Wednesday, April 26, 2023

It's TRI TIME!!!!

In June, I am planning on doing my first triathlon of 2023, Lord willing. 

This will be my 10th tri. I love this race because (a) you get to swim on a hot day, (b) you get to ride a bike just like you were a kid all over again, (c) you get to experience something that only triathletes know about -- getting off your bike to start the run only to have your legs feel like overcooked noodles, and (d) you might, just might, have a chance to stand on the podium since so few guys the age of Methuselah are crazy enough to compete in this event. You should do this race if you enjoy a good challenge and if you like being warm (hello, no wetsuit!). 

To be honest, I miss my old friend the triathlon. I hope to do three of them this summer if God should permit.