Tuesday, April 4, 2023

In the Hollow of His Hands

Yo, everyone. Time for a brief photo update from today's activities? I did my Bible study this morning in Romans 1. 

Paul's summary of what the gospel is I found quite amazing. The prepositions seemed to be the key. 

Then it was back to the gym for another workout. 

However, the one thing I really looked forward to today was mowing.

Yep, this was the first time this year I fired up the mower and put it to work. 

I enjoy nothing more. 

I hope you can see this, but the farm seems filled these days with a pretty colored ground cover. Sort of hate to mow it. 

I think Becky loved purple flowers more than any others. Whether we were camping on the Tongue River in Montana or in the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona or at Hobson Beach Park in Carpinteria, California, whenever Becky saw a purple flower she would squeal with delight. 

I love days like today. I love living out in the middle of nowhere. Some days, it all just feels right. Right now I am about to go outdoors and enjoy the sunset. I can't get enough of them. Imagine that if you could travel at just the right speed westward, you would live in a world with an orange sky instead of a blue one. During a sunset I hear Him say, Beloved, a setting sun cannot quench my love. My love is stronger than day and night. Don't you realize? 

I have been placed, a seal over His heart, and I will rest there, in the hollow of His hands.