Sunday, April 2, 2023

My Evening Walk

Just back from checking up on the animals. 

And, of course, making sure Ishi gets his carrot. 

We're expecting baby sheep any day now. I can't wait. 

Should be a good week. Even though it's Easter Break I'm still going into Wake Forest tomorrow for my weekly sports massage. Then I'll spent Monday through Wednesday doing yard work. The weather should be perfect for it here in the Piedmont. Y'all should move here. Really. 

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Birmingham, where I'll be Thursday through Sunday. Rain is in the forecast for each of those days. Might have to do my running on the treadmill. Adapt, Dave. One of my greatest faults is thinking that I always need to have things go a certain way. Are you ever like that? But when we get caught up in thinking that life should unfold in a certain way, we become inflexible. We forget to be thankful. This doesn't mean you can't have preferences for how you'd like things to go. But don't be tied to that plan. Learn to be flexible and go with the flow. I'm going to try to.