Sunday, September 24, 2023

Don't Miss This!

On this blog we talk a lot about this or that detail about the Bible. We even get into the minutiae at times. All well and good I guess. But what I don't want you to miss is the greatness of God. He's not just good. He is great. Great in every way. I mean, we don't have only one written account of the life of his Son. We have four. How great is that! Furthermore, I can literally hold in my hands the New Testament in its original language. 

How amazing! It's easy for us to miss that when we come to the Scriptures. If we're not careful, the more knowledge we acquire, the more theological degrees we attain, our God can become too small. As our head enlarges and our pride increases and our egos get out of control, rather than increasing our fear of the Lord, the Bible can become an object to pique our interest. It can become merely another analyzable datum of linguistic investigation. Ho hum.

Don't go there. Don't miss the greatness of our God!