Thursday, September 21, 2023

What Is Wisdom?

It's a very precious thing to glean the wisdom of a mentor. Years ago one of mine gave me his definition of wisdom. "Wisdom," he said, "is looking at life from God's point of view." He added, "We're not born with it. We don't inherit it. We can't take a seminary course in it. We don't get it by osmosis. Wisdom is housed in the mind of our God, and he delights to share it with us when we need it the most."

Right now I'm facing a situation that calls for wisdom. It's a situation part of which I caused and part of which I didn't. I need God to enable me to see through his perspective what I can learn through this. I need his wisdom, and I don't have it in myself.

Wisdom is the ability to deal triumphantly with anything life can throw at us. It's something no circumstance of life can ever defeat, no trial can ever vanquish. Through wisdom we receive one of God's greatest gifts to us -- knowledge plus power.