Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pastoral Song

Today it was finally dry enough to get out and about on the farm. First off I wanted to check on the pines I planted several years ago. 

There are 76 acres of them and I want to keep close tabs on them. 

Right now they are anywhere from 5 to 9 feet tall. This means that when they get to 12-15 feet they will reach pulpwood size and I can thin them out. 

Then I wanted to check up on the sheep and see how they were doing. Watching sheep canter is so much fun. They can't wait to say hello. 

Everyone seemed fine and dandy. 

They have to be the most gentle animals you will ever meet. 

Finally it was time to get out the lawn mower. In the process I discovered a bit of post-storm damage to some of our trees. This was mostly at Maple Ridge. 

Here at Bradford Hall, where I live, things are fine. 

Okay, this was just a really beautiful day. The lush green grass, the animals looking nothing less than majestic, the pines pushing up toward the heavens. Just the sound of the farm and your daily routine makes life so interesting and enjoyable. Thank you, Lord, for sharing this property with me. 

I respect and admire anyone who farms.