Sunday, May 21, 2023

A Trip to Durham (Not England)

Tonight's performance of Bach's Mass in B Minor was held in the magnificent Baldwin Auditorium on the campus of Duke University. 

Oddly enough, the last concert I attended here was a performance by the Beatles' tribute band, the Fab Four. Nobody can tell me that my musical taste is not eclectic. The Choral Society of Durham performed before a packed audience. Its director, Rodney Wyncoop, directed the Duke University Chorale for over 35 years before retiring. 

After the concert I treated myself to some Ethiopian food at the Goorsha restaurant in Durham. The doro wat was excellent, but the injera left a lot to be desired. Ethiopian food is not only tasty but nutritious. You should try it sometime. Just remember: Never eat with your left hand. 

Here's hoping you have a great week. Practice his presence and be blessed.