Saturday, May 6, 2023

Today's 10K

I'm going to make this a short race report because it's a perfect day for working outdoors and my list isn't getting any shorter. Got up early and headed out the door, destination Henderson, NC. After parking at the courthouse I picked up my race bib and then fell in for the pre-race warm-up. They used something called Zumba. I'd never done Zumba before. But I liked it. 

The kids' race started things off. The future of running is in VERY good hands. 

All of a sudden, the horn sounded for the 10K race to begin. 

On the out and backs we got to cheer each other on. 

By the way, ever notice how races in, say, the Alps, the crowds always say the exact thing: Allez! Allez! Allez! How boring. Here in good old 'Murica you can choose from "You got this!" to "Nice work, nice work!" to "Good job!" to "You're crushing it!" to "You're almost there!" to "Way to go!" to "Stay strong!" Just sayin'. Here we are approaching the finish line. 

After 1 hour, my body had taken a beating but it was worth every mile. 

According to the posted race results, I finished the race in second place. Hahahahahaha. That, of course, was an error by the timing crew. However, I did finish first in my age division (men 70 - Eternity) though it doesn't really count because I was the only runner over 60. 

One of the greatest feelings in life has got to be the joy of working towards a goal, giving it your all, feeling the pain, but persevering and eventually reaching your destination. If you know me, which I think you do, you know I never give up. I am nothing if not stubborn. I give everything my very best effort. 

Can't think of any other way to live, can you?