Monday, May 15, 2023

Zwingli (and Me)

Class is done for the day and I'm here in my office drinking deeply of the Protestant Reformation from a textbook I used in seminary -- Atkinson's The Great Light

My focus is on the Swiss reformer Zwingli. I was not aware, or had forgotten, that Zwingli and I have something in common in that we are both graduates of the University of Basel -- he in 1504 (B.S.) and 1506 (M.A.), and me in 1983 (D.Theol.). In Basel, Zwingli "came under the influence of Thomas Wyttenbach, the humanist and reformer, teacher alike of Capito, Pellicanus and Leo Jud, reformers all" (p. 135). 

My professors included Martin Anton Schmidt (Dogmengeschichte), Jan Milic Lockman (Theologie), and Reicke and Barth (Neues Testament). Here is where I studied in Nadelberg 10.

Those three years in Basel were some of the  happiest of my life. I cannot thank God enough for my sojourn in that great city on the Rhine. It laid the foundation for all my subsequent work in the New Testament. Praise be to God.