Tuesday, August 15, 2023

A Killer Biceps Workout

Today I enjoyed a killer workout at the gym. I performed several "supersets" consisting of waiter curls (pictured here), regular curls, and hammer curls. 

My inspiration came from this YouTuber who gave me the idea of combining these three exercises. 

The truth is that you certainly don't need fancy biceps curls to build arm muscle effectively. Many lifters over-complicate the process. That said, there are certain time-tested biceps exercises that are ideal choices and that you're best off using in your weekly routine. These would include the three exercises featured in the above video.

The other exercise I focused on today is the pull up. 

Both pull ups and chin ups are fantastic exercises for stimulating the lats and are basic bread and butter movements in any training program. Don't be discouraged if you can't do pull ups or chin ups at the moment with your current body weight. You can train with assisted pull ups and practice scapula extraction before commencing the main driving part of the movement. Your hard work will eventually pay off. Every time you do a basic pull up or chin up, you're performing elbow flection which is the primary function of the biceps. The point is that there is no magical biceps exercise that you MUST perform or that will produce some sort of special result above and beyond anything else. Simply find a biceps exercise or two that you enjoy, utilize sufficient training volume and frequency, combine it with a proper back workout, and then leave the results with the Lord. 

My goal, as you know, is to climb another Alp next summer if the Lord wills. This climb will involve a lot of rock scrambling requiring good upper body strength. I don't know if I've got it in me to complete this climb. But I do know it would be foolish to head back to Zermatt without being as fully prepared as I can possibly be at my age. As you take action toward your goal -- put your gym clothes on, drive to the gym, do your warm-up then your first set, etc. -- your whole mindset will automatically shift as you get started. When you are done, you will always feel better than you would have if you had stayed home. And you will thank yourself for it. This is not only true in fitness but in practically every other area of life as well. 

Happy training!