Friday, August 25, 2023

"Man Fully Functioning"

As y'all know, a couple of years ago I began to add weight training to my running routine. I actually think this is a very good idea. Many people view strength training in the gym as something that contradicts running training. In fact, I'm finding that gym training is highly beneficial to my running not least because it allows me to build strength. It's also helped me with my form and (terrible) posture while running. Your core plays a massive part in running, and for me, nothing has improved my core strength like pull ups. 

I've simplified my exercise program to include 3 gym sessions each week along with two outdoor running sessions, with a race about every other weekend as the icing on the cake. 

I use my races as a time for high intensity training. It's not about how fast I can go. When a race begins, I dial my body to a comfortable though challenging pace without caring how many minutes it takes me to finish the race. There is no place for shortness of breath or pain. All I need to do is run enough to open the sweat glands. After the race, I return home and take a  break from training for a couple of days. My goal is to reestablish homeostasis --  the process your body uses to return it to equilibrium. 

During tomorrow's half, runners all around me will be engaged in the same struggle. Most will be faster than me. But no one does less than their best. I am not diminished in any way by all those runners who are in front of me or increased by those behind me. Each of us is locked in combat with ourselves. 

Church father Irenaeus once said, "The glory of God is man fully functioning." Actually, I'm not too sure what he meant by that. I might put it this way: Find your place in God's order as far as your body is concerned, and you will find the peace that passes all understanding.