Saturday, August 5, 2023

This Evening's Race

This evening's race was held in the great city of Durham, NC. 

The race started at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, where they filmed the movie "Bull Durham." 

The city has really changed in the last few years. For the better, I think. I actually like how Durham feels. It's not overly developed (yet) or overly expensive to enjoy a good restaurant. It's family-oriented and full of good, hard-working people. There's plenty of jobs and educational opportunities. Many of the jobs there pay well, and the cost of living is not excessive. It's multicultural and diverse, with people from all different parts of the world living there. It's like a smaller downtown Greensboro but with less traffic and people. It's also becoming almost as fit-conscious as its neighbors Raleigh and Chapel Hill. That's all for the good. 

I wouldn't say that today's course was an easy one. It was very hilly, but that's Durham for you. 

I really had to work hard today to achieve my goals, which were (1) enjoy myself (check), (2) run the entire course without walking (check), and (3) stay within a reasonable heart rate (check). But again, it wasn't easy. Here's a BEFORE picture. 

And an AFTER picture. 

Do you like this photo? If I didn't make so much money farming (jk), I'd be a professional photographer (with my iPhone of course). 

Because of the hills I couldn't quite meet my pace goal, but I was pleased with my overall ranking. 

A race like this can bring meaning to a cause (in this case, Habitat for Humanity of Durham). I ran it to honor an incredible girl, my daughter Karen, who got me into the sport of running by inviting me to run a 5K with her 8 years ago. Thank you, sweetheart! This evening reminded me of the power of being around people who see life as an opportunity for change, risk, growth, and progress. If you want to be motivated, hang around motivating people. Don't settle for less. 

Next race? The Ashland Half Marathon on Saturday, Aug. 26., Lord willing. Anyone else racing this month?