Thursday, August 31, 2023

Aligning Our Churches with the Word of God

Yesterday and today I was in Acts 2 during my personal study time. 

If you're at all interested in New Testament ecclesiology, you might want to start by doing a deep dive into Acts 2:37-47 -- eleven verses that describe at least 7 marks of a vital, mature New Testament church. 

These marks are, I would say, the lowest common denominators of a healthy church. Will it be difficult? Absolutely. The adversary will stop at nothing to destroy the work of Christ. Be assured: A corporate mindset will not be able to detect a church that has accommodated itself to the world. It takes a deep commitment to the word of God to recognize it, followed by decisive action.

In a wonderful book on church life, Chuck Swindoll offers three suggestions for a way forward. 

1. Biblical thinking must override secular planning and a corporate mentality.

2. Studied, accurate decisions must originate from God's word, not human opinion.

3. Essential changes must occur to counteract any signs of erosion. 

Brethren, let's align our churches correctly with the word of God, sharing in the humble ministry of Jesus. Let's not consume the salvation Jesus made possible and then spurn the methods by which he achieved it.