Tuesday, August 22, 2023

When Lifting, Always Use Proper Form

When you go to the gym, you'll do any number of exercises before you leave. If you lift light like I do, you'll do between 10-15 reps per set. But here's the deal. The number of reps you do is not nearly as important as how you do them. The key is to always, and I mean always, stop at failure. "Failure" to a lifter has a special meaning. It doesn't mean when you can't do the same exercise any more. It means when you fail to do it right. If you're doing a dumbbell curl and your form goes south before the end of the set, it's better to stop then and there. Go onto the next exercise. Or do an easier version of the same exercise. But for heaven's sake don't do it wrong. 

Taking pictures to show my sports physiologist in Wake Forest. 

That's less than useless. It's dangerous. When I started doing bench presses, I was unknowingly doing them all wrong. The result was a painful shoulder joint that took weeks to heal. When you ignore proper form, your body is in poor alignment. And that's a huge no no. You have to learn to perform your exercises correctly and you'll avoid all the dreadful problems I've experienced. Bad weight training is much worse than no training at all. Learn to do your exercises with proper form and give your joints time to get into the game and then you can add weight slowly and get better at your exercises. Take your time. Learn how to lift correctly. Correct workout form will come only from practicing each exercise perfectly. Spending time perfecting your form will lead to benefits that will last long into your later training years.