Saturday, March 12, 2022

Do Your Travel Plans Ever Change?

I've been planning out my travel schedule for 2022, well, at least for the next 6 months or so. When I say "planning" I do not mean wishing or dreaming but actually booking flights, hotel rooms, etc. I had been hoping against hope that facial coverings would no longer be required in the states and countries I was planning on traveling to, but such is not the case, as least not yet. For example, I was just about to hit the "confirm" button for my flights to Honolulu in July when I thought, "Let me check the Covid requirements for the State of Hawaii before I commit." I'm glad I did. The state still has mask mandates and apparently will have them in place for the foreseeable future. It's not that I'm against mask mandates. I'm not. It's just that Hawaii is one place where you want to be able to enjoy the fresh air and fragrances without obstruction. Plus, who wants to fly for 11 hours having to wear a face covering the whole time? Not me. So that trip has been put on hold. 

I can say much the same thing about the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati that I was planning on racing  this year for the fourth time. Once again, masks are required at the expo and before and after the race. So I've postponed that race for next year when things will hopefully have improved. Instead, I've accepted a speaking engagement for that weekend. Also on hold is my trip to Zermatt in August until I get a better sense of what the Covid requirements will be in the Alps. I also just passed on a very gracious invitation to teach in Israel this June for much the same reasons. However, I am flying to Birmingham (AL) next month to see my granddaughter's final choral performance before she graduates from high school and begins her studies in vocal performance at college. But that's a short trip and very doable. 

So -- I think this year's travel schedule is going to be as "fraught" as last year's was. If you're anything like me, you like making plans and having a firm travel schedule. That all sounds great. But be prepared to throw it out the window at any moment because anything can happen. Here's what I do know: I cannot control the future. I can, however, submit my plans to the Lord and then trust him to make everything work out according to his plan. I've got his Word on it.