Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Back from the Gym

My training is coming along nicely, thanks for asking. I am working out 6 days a week. I don't know if I'm making any real progress but at least I am moving and not sitting on my duff all day long. Today, as per usual, I listened to classic hymns of the church played on the pipe organ. I'm not a high churchman. However, cathedrals and organ music lift me higher than any contemporary church music or parochial clergy could. This is all my soul needs. I love hymns because I grew up in the church and all my childhood days we sang them. Even now, when I pray, I sing hymns. Modern hymnals have devastated that treasure trove by rewording and even reharmonizing many of them (disastrously so!). Too bad.

Today I decided to wear my Chicago Marathon singlet to the Y. 

I LOVED that marathon. It was an amazing experience. A top notch event. I wonder if I will ever run it again. I hope so. 

In my "corral" before the start of the Chicago Marathon. A corral is a place where runners wait before the race. In a big race like Chicago, there are many corrals. Runners are segregated by their expected finish time. Fast runners go out first. Me-type runners go out later. 

Now what? Since it's raining outside I guess I will deep clean the kitchen and mop the floors. I've been procrastinating long enough on these projects.