Friday, March 25, 2022

Word of the Day: Hypaethral

This was me 5 minutes ago. 

You see, if I have the choice of being outdoors or confined inside, I will choose being outside every single time. This includes my trips to Hawaii. 

There's actually a word for people like me. I'm a "hypaethral." 

I first saw this word while reading one of my favorite authors. In his book The Art of the Commonplace, Wendell Berry calls the Bible a "hypaethral book." He says that it is a book "open to the sky. It is best read and understood outdoors, and the farther outdoors the better" (p. 311). Well, I don't know about that. I do know that while I was growing up in Kailua, I could never stay indoors. I went in the house only to eat and sleep. So would you if you had grown up in the most beautiful spot on the planet. I did have to come inside today to replace some fluorescent lights above my kitchen sink. 

Correction: I "tried" to replace them. Even with a ladder, I couldn't balance myself well enough to get the job done. Hmm. I can climb the Alps without the least bit of acrophobia. 

But I can't change a lightbulb in my own home. 

Oh well. Guess that's what kids are for, right? Right now I'm off to the races (literally). 

I know, I know, tomorrow's race is in Charlottesville. But the closest hotel I could find was in Richmond. The hotels in Charlottesville were TOTALLY BOOKED. Told you it was a huge event. That's fine. CV is only an hour from Richmond. Race starts at 7:15 in the morning. 

So it's "On to Richmond." My mouth is already watering for Olive Garden grub. A HUGE thanks to the Lord for making all of this possible. God willing, look for a race report soon.