Thursday, March 24, 2022

My Half Marathon PR

Okay, I have officially signed up for my first half of the year. 

Hmm. A race sponsored by a hospital. Not a good sign. 

I've observed that runners are more prone to believe they can do something if they commit to it with their hard-earned money. This theory holds true in my case as well. You may think that this post is thinly-veiled bragging. I can't believe that's what you thought. What I actually mean to say is that if a guy as inept at running as me can participate in a race, so can you. From me signing up for a race, I want you to find the inspiration to join the gym or maybe just go for a walk. Incidentally, I got my half marathon PR (Personal Record) at Petersburg a couple of years back. I realize that no one cares that much about my running to want to know my race times, but just in case you're a runner, I'll give it to you anyway: 2:27. According to this chart, the average half marathon time for my age and gender is 2:43 -- which confirms my status as a very average runner. But, at the end of the day (the most hackneyed phrase in the English language!), just because you fail to PR a race doesn't mean you're a failure. Maybe you're like me -- getting older and slower as the years go by. 

I can honestly say that most races I do are just for fun. With others, I have specific time goals. But when I get to the starting line and the gun goes off, all bets are off!