Monday, March 7, 2022

Greek, Lifting, and Batman & Robin

Just back from the gym. I've been exercising regularly for the past several months and have remained around the same weight. However, my arms, shoulders, and waist are looking much better and toned. Remember, the goal of exercise is not weight loss but fat loss. 

There is no exercise routine that can make up for a poor diet. When it comes to fat loss, diet is the Batman and exercise is the Robin. 

It's nice to have Robin around, but without Batman, Robin is going to get captured and eaten alive by the Joker. Of course, you have to be patient because this stuff doesn't happen overnight. After finding out more about what's called body recomposition, it has given me more confidence to challenge my body/mind without worrying about numbers on a scale. I can see and feel the results in my strength and stamina. Got to be honest, though  -- I still have more body fat to lose! 

The application to Greek? When it comes to studying Greek, memorization is the Batman and pronunciation is the Robin. Sure, it's great to have Robin around, but without Batman, Robin is going to take a beating from the Joker. 

Don't neglect your memory work!