Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Bach and Bench Pressing

This morning was my day for the gym. 

Afterwards I got in a 3 mile run at the high school. 

The whole time I listened to Bach organ music, including this superb piece played at the Berlin Cathedral. 

A 300 year-old piece of music and still incredible to hear played. Someday I will hear Bach in person for sure. What a feeling of power it must be to sit at the console of a huge organ and play this piece. When the fugue eventually sets in, it's like climbing a stairway to heaven. There are three geniuses at work here: the composer, the organist, and the builder of that magnificent instrument. What a combination they make. I think if Bach were alive today he'd say, "You nailed it!" 

I'm done. Further words would be meaningless.