Thursday, April 28, 2022

Forthcoming Triathlons

It's official! I am now registered for my three triathlon races of 2022, all taking place this summer in the great state of North Carolina. They are:

Rex Wellness Triathlon of Knightdale (June 12)

Rex Wellness Triathlon of Garner (July 17)

Rex Wellness Triathlon of Wakefield (August 21)

Each race includes a 250-yard swim, then you bike for several miles (varies from 5 miles to 12 miles) and then you run for several miles (usually about 3 miles). Preparation is everything. I will resume a pretty regular schedule of cycling and swimming once summer school starts in a couple of weeks. It's time for both run, bike, and swim workouts again. 

To be honest, I miss the triathlon. I've only done 6 of them but they were so much fun and very competitive. They even write your age in large numbers of the back of your calf so that you know who to try to reel in from your age group. I think I'm slowly becoming a triathlete who also enjoys marathoning. Once you set your goal and know that you have to get better at other sports to reach that goal, both mind and body accept the challenge, adapt to it, and learn to enjoy it. 

Have you tried a tri yet? You should! 

I have a "cameo" appearance at 6:29 :-)