Wednesday, April 6, 2022

DEXA Scan Today!

I am VERY impressed with Emergortho in Durham. That's where I got my DEXA scan today. 

The tech was soooo helpful. She explained the results to me, and what she couldn't explain she promised me the orthopedist would explain to me later. Sure enough, all of my other questions were answered by the doctor herself when she called a couple of hours later. I love it when a business is trustworthy and provides great customer service. It's a fact that keeping loyal customers is easier than getting new ones. Well, I was extremely pleased with the service I got today. 

In case you're curious, 66 percent of my body weight is muscle. My body fat index is in the 24 percentile -- which means I have less body fat than 76 percent of men my age. On the other hand, my visceral (hidden) fat is higher than what it should be -- another reminder than I need to eat clean and watch my sugar intake. The doc also said my bones looked great. Studies have found that running actually increases bone density and can reduce instances of arthritis. I have yet to find an "older" runner who is worse off for running than better. You can die doing just about anything. Or you can sit at home and do nothing. I'll take my chances with running. Running has changed my life both physically and mentally. Of course, anyone can get osteoporosis, so being active isn't a guarantee that you won't get bone injuries in your golden years or even earlier. There are many factors at play, especially genetics. The biggest risk with running is doing too much or going too hard. Take a day off and, for crying out loud, slow down