Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Only 7 Weeks

It's only 7 weeks to my next ultramarathon in Farmville. I can't think of any logical reason why someone would pay $85 to suffer through something like this. It's as puzzling as why some people like to Google themselves. It's like trying to explain color to someone who's been born blind. The last time I ran this race I committed the cardinal sin of running -- going out too fast. If I had stuck with my original pace, I might have had more strength at the end. I can't describe how bad my legs hurt when I finally finished those 32 miles. The last few miles were indescribable. Everyone around me was suffering. I wanted to say something encouraging to them but I had nothing left in me. My legs plodded along and slowly carried me to the finish line. The race director put a medal around my neck and I swore to myself I would never do this again. Remember, the first guy who ever ran a marathon ... died

I can't wait to do it again.