Saturday, April 30, 2022

Don't Be Stoopid Like Me

GU. It's one of the reasons some of us run, right? So yesterday I was in Raleigh. That's always a good time to stop by the running store and stock up on some fuel for my 2022 races. 

GU is very carb rich and dense. The same could be said about me. 

I don't write much about race nutrition. This isn't a food blog. But I've learned my lesson -- the hard way -- about race day nutrition. For years I ran half marathons and even marathons without taking in any calories during the race. That was really stoopid. In fact, I was so stoopid I didn't even know how to spell stoopid. Since then I've learned about GU. I mean, this stuff rocks. They are filled with good nutrition. They fit the bill perfectly. They are carbohydrate dense and will also replenish your potassium and sodium (salt). Most of them taste like baby aspirin. I'd fake a headache just to pop a few. They are the ultimate stocking stuffer (hint hint). Go ahead, give your body what it requires. Don't be stoopid!

P.S. The rain is coming pronto and I still have beaucoup farm work to do so I'm heading back outdoors, armed with a GU of course. Very exciting.