Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Keeping Your Eyes on the Goal

The Allalinhorn is only one of 82 mountains in the Swiss Alps above 4,000 meters. It was first climbed in 1865. The route I wish to take to its summit is called the East Ridge. It's a climb along snow and ice and has several major rock sections in it. The route is called the Hohlaubgrat. It is mostly climbed from the Britannia Hut. The starting venue for most routes is Saas Fee, a Swiss village every bit as quaint as Zermatt. If I were to attempt to climb this peak next summer, my guide's fees are $640 per day. 

The Allalinhorn is climbed mostly during the summer months. I would plan an attempt in July. Part of the route is glaciated terrain. You have to watch out for crevasses. As you know, I am in training for this climb. It would be my last trip in my life to the Alps to attempt a 4,000 meter peak. I have 5 months left to prepare for it. If, by March of next year, I do not feel I have achieved sufficient upper body strength to handle the climb, I will forego the attempt. People die even on these "easy" mountains in the Alps. 

Good physical fitness is obviously super important. This is one  reason I have been been training with weights for the past two years. Below are some pics from today's monster workout. I'm not talking about working out and eating right for a few weeks or even months. I'm talking about having all of your training and nutrition in check and to continue on that path for years to come. The key to making new gains starts in your head. You need to realize that muscle growth and fat loss are achievable through nothing more than hard work and dedication. It truly is. 

At any rate, I thought I'd bring you along on my workout today. If you are a lifter, I say, Keep at it. As you watch your physique transform itself before your very eyes, you will know that your efforts combined with your decision to follow a smart training program will be the key to your success. From one lifter to another, I wish you Godspeed.