Monday, November 27, 2023

Why I Love Running

Here are a few reasons: 
  • Makes my whole day better.
  • You get to escape your daily life no matter how great or bad it might be at the moment. 
  • Makes you feel strong.
  • The boost in energy and mood is amazing.
  • I love the community of runners.
  • I love the hot, sticky feeling afterwards.
  • Running is time for myself. 
  • It's one thing in life I can control. 
  • It keeps me fit.
  • The passing scenery can be beautiful.
  • Clears my head.
  • I love pushing myself and improving myself. 
  • My body likes it.
  • Because I love to eat.
  • The confidence I've gained in my daily life is unmistakable.
  • It keeps me disciplined.
  • Occasionally I get to share this with my kids who run with me.
  • Even the worst runs make me feel strong.
  • You're surrounded by nature and sunshine.
I may not have a perfect body but it's strong and healthy and it can do awesome things by the grace of God. I hope to run until the day I die.