Monday, April 29, 2024

A Note to My Greek Students

Today my Greek students will have their final lesson in Greek 1. Faithful ones, you have persevered. We have come to the end of our journey. How I'd love to sit down with each of you and discuss Greek with you now that you've completed Greek 1. Think of how you've built yourself up in the most holy faith this week, let alone over the past 14 weeks. Thank you, beloved of God, for honoring our Father by honoring his word. I say that with the deepest respect and love. I know that if you will continue to study, you will be able to say with the Psalmist, "I have not turned away from your ordinances, for you yourself have taught me" (Psalm 119:102). 

I am going to miss talking with you, for that is what I feel I've done these past few months. It's hard to believe that after our final exam next week I won't see you until the fall. Beloved, remember that what you learned is not just for for you. It's also for you to share with others. Do you realize just how many people will esteem God's word more highly because of your efforts this semester? As you ponder what we've studied, ask God to speak to you, to search your heart. Ask him to help you to use what you've learned. Application will come -- if not now, then later. Rest assured -- it will come. 

My heart is filled with such affection for you. Thank you wanting to know God, to understand him, and to love him with all your heart and soul and mind and body and strength. I am so honored that you would have decided to take Greek with me.

Love always,

Dr. Black