Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Charts Can Help!

A chart can be an incredibly useful tool in Bible study!

It's a good way to get a handle on the information you want to remember. If you can summarize the chart in a poetic way, so much the better. Here's my chart of the 4-Source Theory of Gospel origins:

As one wag put it:

"The problem solved is stated here:/ 

Our Mark did first of all appear./ 

For Luke and Matthew used him both,/ 

but Luke and Matthew, nothing loath,/ 

to add some more used Q for "Quelle,"/ 

and special sources "M" and "L." 

I like this chart because it's simple. If we were to enlarge it, we could add all kinds of details. But as it stands, we've got the basics. 

Keep in mind that a chart is only a means to an end. Your ultimate goal in studying God's word is studying God's word and not making charts! But if charts can help you, feel free use them.