Saturday, April 13, 2024

Never Just an "Ordinary" Run

One of the greatest moments in the annals of sports occurred when Joan Benoit of Maine won the race in the first-ever women's marathon in Olympic history in 1984. 

It was the union of body and mind at its height. In the sport of running, no one else need understand your struggle. That doesn't matter. Everyone who runs can achieve greatness simply by doing the best they can. 

My run today was nothing spectacular. It was just another ordinary run by a non-descript 71-year old widower. 

I never have and I never will win a race. And yet I know exactly the feeling that Joan Benoit had when she crossed the finish line in Los Angeles. For me, running has lessened the distance between what I am and what I can be. Winning has nothing to do with it. Trying is everything. My story will not be your story. Running is simply about the business of being the best version of "me." 

In the game that is life, this means everything.