Monday, April 22, 2024

"I'm Too Tired to Work Out"

Last night I stayed up a bit too late listening to great music. So when I got up this morning I knew I should go the gym but did not FEEL like it. 

Here's what usually helps. Go and lift for a few minutes. Tell yourself, "If I still want to quit after that, I can." Ninety-nine percent of the time I keep going. As with most things in life, the first step is usually the hardest.

Incidentally, the "I'm too tired/busy/unmotivated" excuse is usually pure hogwash because you'll end up doing other (often less important) things. Of course, sometimes you actually ARE too busy for something.

I hope you have a wonderful day either way!

P.S. Here are some videos from my workout today. This will probably be totally boring to most of you so feel free to skip!

1. Warm up/stretching. 

2. Lat pull downs. 5 sets of 15. 

3. Waiter curls. 3 sets of 10. 

4. Single (one at a time) neutral grip pull ups, focusing on the eccentric (lowering). 10 sets. 

Let me know how I can improve!