Saturday, April 13, 2024

In Praise of the Passive Hang

"When you do nothing, something always happens." So true! 

Just don't change the oil in your car or mow your lawn. Just don't tend to your marriage and see where that gets you. Just don't use the languages you once worked so hard to acquire. 

In lifting, you're usually doing something. But with the passive hang, you're actually not. There's nothing you have to do except let gravity do its work. The passive hang can transform your body. It improves strength, mobility, and posture. 

The result will be a gorilla grip, straighter arms, and stronger shoulders. This is an ideal exercise for people who are strong but inflexible. I can hang for about a minute now and the difference it's made in my ability to reach overhead has been amazing. Your spine will love it as well. The passive hang really helps to relieve any back issues I have and helps my stiffness to improve. 

Just don't forget to breathe!