Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The People ("Laos") of God

Yesterday in Greek class we introduced the noun laos, from which we get the English word laity. It's an unfortunate term!

The church is primarily and fundamentally a body designed to express the life of the indwelling Christ through every individual member. It is obvious that there can be no hope of ever getting the church to operate at it was intended to do until each individual member recognizes and begins to exercise the spiritual gift or gifts they have received. To become aware that God has equipped you -- yes, you! -- with a uniquely designed gift and has placed you exactly where he wants you to minister this gift is to enter a whole new dimension of living. Spiritual gifts are not only for the so-called "clergy." They are for every member. Hence no member of Christ's body has the right to look down on or despise the ministry of another. 

Remember, the ministry of the body is the ministry of Jesus Christ himself!