Monday, April 1, 2024

Ingredients of a Good Blog Post

I know the genre "blog" is a bit passe nowadays. Many prefer to use Facebook or YouTube to express their thoughts. Whatever the medium, what guides you when you produce a blog post or a Facebook entry? Personally, I've always found Eccl. 12:9-10 to be instructive here. In these verses the Preacher makes four points:

  • He taught the people knowledge.
  • He weighed, studied, and arranged his proverbs with great care.
  • He sought to use pleasing words.
  • He wrote words of truth.

Beautiful! A good blog post will always have these four qualities.

  • It will be instructive. People will learn something from reading it.
  • It will be thoughtful. People will appreciate how you studied, examined, pondered, and probed the subject matter.
  • It will be enjoyable to read. People will smile and go away pleased.
  • It will be truthful. People will see you are real. 

Around 10 million blog posts are published every day. The best ones are both informal and informative. Remember: a good blog post isn't only about readability but about engaging your audience so that they'll resonate well!