Tuesday, July 4, 2023


Okay, time to catch my breath. What a day it's been! All good though. It began with my Bible time at Bo's (2 hours). 

I was in Galatians 5. My it was rich. I'll post my thoughts on that later. Then it was off to the Y for a workout. 

I have no idea why the town is called "South" Boston. We're not even close to Boston, MA. 

That lasted for about an hour. 

Then I ran for 45 minutes.

Being chased by a truck. JK. It was parked. 

After that I had to mow the yards at both houses. Another 2 hours. 

Then Round Up had to be sprayed around all of the buildings (14 of them). 1 hour. 

Then I chatted with my son who was here getting his tractor. Don't tell me men don't like to yak. 

Busy, busy, busy!

We are all busy, I know. But remember, you made choices to be busy. Instead of saying "I had to mow today" (like I just did), say "I got to mow today." Choose to be busy with the things you love and life will be so much sweeter. I know I'm rambling, but it's because I'm tired. Training and working outdoors is hard work but it's good work. It puts you to bed at night with a good tired if y'all know what I mean. And you probably do if "y'all" is part of your vocabulary.

Nap time :-)