Thursday, July 6, 2023

Shut Your Mouth!

Two tips of advice for the next time you go cycling outdoors.

1. Don't forget a piece of gear that pads a certain part of your anatomy.

2. Don't forget to keep your mouth shut or else you're likely to ingest some unwanted creatures.

I forgot to do both of these today. Don't you be as stupid!

It wasn't the best day for a bike ride, but triathlons require training and if there's one thing I am it is PREPARED. 

I managed 20 miles despite a real feel temp of 110. And the humidity? Oh my. 

When I stopped for a water break, an older man comes up to me and says, "How old are you?" Not, "Hey, how ya doin'? Having a good ride? By the way, how old are you?" Nope. Went straight for the jugular. I told him, "I don't care how old I am. Age is just a silly number. You should be thinking about that, not going around asking people what their age is." I never said any such thing of course. "I'm 71," I replied. "I'm 72," he said, adding, "I used to bike and run but I've got a bum knee and so I just walk." "Hey," I said, "that's great! I'm glad to see you're still getting outdoors. Got enough water?" "Yep," he said. "Fantastic. Did you know the older we get, the ability to feel thirsty becomes less strong? This means that even when we don't feel thirsty our body still needs hydration. Anyway, have a great walk and hope to see you again soon." 

I'm one of those freaks who didn't start running and cycling until I was in my mid-60s. I guess I qualify as an "older" athlete. If I can keep the injuries at bay, I hope to be running into my 90s. My advice is to really understand your own body. For example, you need to know when something is just a niggle that will go away pretty fast, or when something is the first sign of something going badly wrong. Yet you can't excuse your way out of a workout every time something isn't perfect either. Challenge yourself from time to time. Buy good shoes and clothes. And for crying out loud, stay active. 

However old you are, may God bless you in your endeavors.