Thursday, July 20, 2023

Nice and Easy Run Today

Good afternoon friends. Hope your day is going well. Things are jumping here in southern Virginia. This weekend, you can attend the annual Virginia Beach carnival or a Led Zeppelin concert or do yoga at the lake or do "Sip Sip Saturday Wine Tasting" or even attend "Freaknik 2023." Closer to home, this weekend in Clarksville ("my fair city") is the annual Lakefest, a 2-day arts and crafts festival when our quaint little town closes down for the weekend. There will be lots of out-of-town boaters and lots of people boozing it up, but at least the dozen or so antique stores in town will have a few people shopping in them. There'll be a kids run and hot air balloons, live entertainment and dancing, lots of food, and even the traditional "Gathering of the Boats." Of course, I'll have to miss this event because I'll be travelling a fews hours east for the Williamsburg sprint triathlon. Today was my last training day for the event. I got in a delightful 7 mile run at the HB Trail. 

Am I ready for the race? As ready as I'll ever be I guess. I'm kicking myself for waiting until yesterday to get my bi-weekly B12 shot. For some crazy reason my arm hurts like it's never hurt before after having one of those shots, so it'll be interesting to see how well I can perform in the swimming leg of the race. 400 yards with a bum arm is not something I'm looking forward to. That said, I found a superb deal on an Airbnb near Williamsburg that I'll really looking forward to. It even has a pool to practice my swimming in for loafing and tanning. Can't show up in Hawaii looking like shark bait, can we? 

Hope you find something fun to do this weekend!