Tuesday, July 18, 2023

My Day (So Far)

Studied Acts 5 this morning at Bo's. Lookie here:

Peter and John "entered the temple courts and began teaching the people" (Acts 5:21). They then "continued teaching the people" (Acts 5:25). In fact, "day after day they never stopped teaching" (5:42). Teachers never retire. Apparently there's no expiration date on the gift of teaching. NEVER STOP TEACHING!

Then I got in my workout at the Y. 

Then I drove home. I love this field of corn on my road. 

A neighbor planted it. I miss the days when we grew corn. How can you call it a farm if it doesn't have corn?????!!!!!

Got home and checked on the sheep. Yep, all present and accounted for. 

I grabbed a quick mater sandwich. 

I mowed Maple Ridge and its outbuildings.

Then it was Bradford Hall's turn. 

I checked in on Ishi. 

Last week he developed a limp but today's he's almost back to normal. Nothing a little hoof care can't cure.

Then it was time to cut down the trees growing along the fence lines. 

Everything came down except for Becky's rosebush and the blackberries. 

It was a project I had been procrastinating to do but I'm happy to finally check it off my list. I do believe the sheep are happy too. 

Then I limbed the trees in my yard.

This looks better don't you think?

That's it for now. Rain is expected this evening and I'm only halfway through my list. Cheers!