Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Bill Warren on Harry Sturz's Book

Bill Warren directs the Center for New Testament Textual Studies at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We have now received his endorsement of Harry Sturz's forthcoming reprint. 

When considering how the Byzantine text stream should be analyzed within New Testament textual criticism, Harry Sturz is one of the primary advocates for a more balanced weighing of the textual stream, with his work serving as a great primer on the arguments in favor of a thorough weighing of the Byzantine readings. This work likewise serves as a good introduction to the overall views of those who support the Majority text, although Sturz actually calls more for an equal weighing of the different textual streams versus only picking one of the options, even if that means not picking the Majority text reading. His case is against what is often the practice of New Testament textual critics, namely the dismissal of Byzantine readings as secondary. Whether one agrees with Sturz's arguments or not, his call for a fairer evaluation of the Byzantine readings is very appropriate. This is the case especially since the application of the Coherence Based Genealogical Method has shown the wisdom of a fairer evaluation of the Byzantine readings as some of those readings are now being accepted into the modern critical text. 

Thank you, Bill!