Monday, May 9, 2022

Luke 6:40 As the Basis for Teaching

We educators have been enrolled in what is a pedagogical experiment of sorts and the results are questionable at best. This merely connecting students virtually and giving them unlimited access to information without any mentoring and personal guidance has resulted in them forming silos of individuality and echo chambers. It's pretty clear that this is not good for society. That this is happening in Christian education is frightening. Things can clearly go wrong, especially in advanced societies, when learning takes place in a vacuum. Christian education is likeness education. Like father like son. Like pulpit like pew. Like teacher like pupil. The person who is perfectly taught will be just like his or her teacher (Luke 6:40). We're witnessing significant unravelling of this traditional and time-tested approach to Christian education and it is not something to ignore. 

In this regard, I highly recommend this book