Monday, May 2, 2022

Working on My Weaknesses

This week I'm focusing on biceps and triceps at the gym, which have never been my strong suit. Yep, I'm opening the throttle a little bit. 

As I was saying to the guys this weekend, it just doesn't make any sense to try another 4,000 meter peak in the Alps unless you're as fit as you can possibly be, especially when your mountain guide costs a whopping $640 per day. I've only been doing serious mountaineering for 7 years and I feel like a baby wading on the shore of a limitless ocean. 

We love climbing. It's in the blood. It's part of who we are. When you hear Dave Black, you might think Greek. It's only part of who I am. I am beyond excited to try and conquer another peak, Lord willing, and to dig deep as I try to chase down goals and dreams, which I will do my best to share with all of you here on this blog. 

Stay tough out there. You're going to need it coming out of Covid as you resume your regular patterns of diet and exercise. Running, climbing, swimming, and cycling are on the rise for me in 2022. Excited to hone in on some small changes in my body mechanics in preparation for all the events of the new year. Races and climbs are just around the corner. Time to work on my weaknesses!