Saturday, May 28, 2022

Decision Time

Good morning, friends. No matter how we celebrate Memorial Day weekend, may we remember that freedom is a precious gift. Thanks be to God for those who defend it. 

This morning, after two wonderful hours of Bible reading, meditation, prayer, and journaling, I got in a workout at the Y before heading off to get some exercise at a local State Park:

It had been 22 years since I last visited this venue. It was a perfect day for a run. 

During my workout today I had a lot to think about. 

Yes, it's decision time. Shall I attempt to climb the Allalinhorn in Switzerland this August or not? 

Not always, but sometimes, I can be paralyzed by decision-making, especially when it involves a lot of financial resources. My mountain guide alone will cost me $640 per day. Bottom line: If I don't feel like I am in good enough shape, I won't go, at least not this year. 

Whenever we humans make a decision, we are doing our best based on the information we have at hand. No major decision is ever easy. But, it is important to make them wisely. 

What to do? I don't know yet. But I can't postpone the decision forever. The Lord will show me :-)