Thursday, May 19, 2022

Today's 10K Run

Today's workout was at the Neuse River Greenway again. 

I did an easy-peazy 10K (6.2-mile) run. 

I would have gone farther but the Real Feel was 95 and I thought it best to turn around after 3 miles. 

The heat didn't seem to phase the local deer. 

Or this family of geese. 

Anyhoo, I had the BEST run today. Yes, it was hot, but that's exactly the kind of weather needed for this week's half and next month's ultra. Both races will be in the heat. The key is to (1) wear light-colored clothing, (2) pick a shady route if possible, (3) accept the fact that your pace will be slower than usual, (4) drink often and early, and (5) avoid the heat of the day -- which I didn't do. I will run in almost any kind of weather, though ice and lightening are deal-breakers for me. I'll try to tough out most anything!