Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Reflections on a Birthday (Part 1)

You might have noticed that for the past couple of days I haven't said much (if anything) about Becky even though she is never for a moment far from my mind and, I know, from many of yours either. Even today, while I was running, I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this Thursday on what would have been her 69th birthday. You may not know this, but I actually do a lot of my writing while running. It's not that I'm taking notes or anything like that, although I could do that on my iPhone. But actually most of my writing is kind of just visual in my head and I will think about something and then, after the run, I'll jot down everything or open up Blogspot and write about it then and there. Running is where my thoughts tend to percolate in my brain. So today I thought a lot about Becky and what I should say about her this week. You have probably noticed that a lot of the things I write about on this blog are things I'm personally processing, things I don't have figured out, and so for me the process of writing is actually therapeutic and didactic. It's me trying to process different issues in my own mind before sharing them with others. 

I'm pretty confident the Lord will give me something to share on Thursday with all of you. Hopefully it will be encouraging to read. Tomorrow I plan on climbing a mountain, and sometimes when I'm out alone on the trail I can feel Becky with me. I imagine her breathing in the fresh air and absorbing the beauty all around her, and I can't help but wonder if that's part of what constantly draws me to the outdoors. Words can't adequately express the love I still feel for her. I feel so blessed to have had a wife who was unquestionably supportive of all my aspirations and adventures. She never once questioned or discouraged me from pursuing God's will for my life. The best decision I ever made (after placing my hope and trust in Christ) was to marry Becky Lynn Lapsley. 

Stay tuned ....