Tuesday, May 17, 2022

What Makes Families Strong?

In his Sunday message, Chuck Swindoll of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, cited a University of Nebraska study called the Family Strengths Research Project

The study asked, "What makes families strong?" The researchers found 6 main qualities in strong families, and I pass them on to you for your thoughtful consideration:

  1. Strong families are committed to the family.
  2. Strong families spend time together.
  3. Strong families have good family communication.
  4. Strong families express appreciation for one another.
  5. Strong families have a spiritual commitment.
  6. Strong families are able to solve problems in a crisis.

If all of this seems to be a fairy tale, the good news is that a strong family life is available to everyone. If Christ lives within us, then we have the capacity to develop these kinds of qualities toward others.The challenges we face as families are opportunities for him to prove this point. 

Ask the Lord this question: What can I do today that will make my family stronger? Keep asking until you hear an answer. And when he tells you, do it. Love like there's no tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, love again. 

All the best,